49 Hobart Road New Lambton

Margaret & Rachelle | New Lambton  | March 2018

A Very Big Thank You

Five years ago when I needed a property manager for my rental property in Hobart Rd New Lambton, our accountant recommended Lisa Macklin of Dalton Partners, New Lambton. She was described as being highly professional with her finger on the pulse. We are so glad to have taken his advice. She found for us the perfect tenants - a really lovely young family who cared for the property as if it were their own. When it recently became time to sell this property we didn't even consider anyone else other than Lisa for 3 main reasons. - 1. We were highly impressed with the way she had always treated us in the past. 2. She worked and lived in New Lambton and knew the area really well and was spot on with market value and 3. She knew the tenants well and we were confident that she would treat the situation in a sensitive manner, informing them that they would probably have to vacate. Within days of the property going on the market we had 3 offers but Lisa kept negotiating for us to get our top selling price which we did in a remarkably short time.Her fine marketing skills and strategies certainly paid off. To Lisa and her great team at Daltons we thank you sincerely for your professionalism,courtesy and friendliness and for doing a fine job. My husband and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to any prospective clients You are all truly amazing. Although we don't live in New Lambton you will be our first choice when it becomes time to downsize. Once again, A BIG THANK YOU from 2 very happy people.


Lisa Macklin
Director - Sales Consultant Senior Property Manager