Joy Conner - Merewether
We have been property investors for over 30 years in the Newcastle area. Over that time we have used the services of a variety of Property Managers. For the past 6 years we have had Dalton Partners managing our rental properties. Lisa Macklin, and more recently, Eliza Dunn, have both acted on our behalf. We can honestly state that Dalton Partners Property Management at New Lambton is the best property management we have ever used. Accurate and well presented monthly statements, with any accounts paid on our behalf attached, arrive on time and deposits into our account are received promptly.
We have been very impressed by the professional manner in which they conduct business and the advice that they have given has been really reliable and helpful. Problems are always followed up later by email when repairs are completed. They also treat our tenants with respect, which is important to us since we have excellent long term tenants in some of our properties.
One is us has been able to accompany Lisa or Eliza on inspections of our properties which are conducted on a regular basis, allowing us to observe any problems or repairs that need attention. Within a day, an emailed account of any problems encountered and plan of action arrives, asking for confirmation before proceeding. We are able to communicate by email as well as telephone and receive immediate attention to urgent matters. Dalton Partners also have a list of tradespersons they can contact to undertake any work required. Recently they have engaged a firm to install and take care of ongoing regular inspections and maintenance of smoke alarms. This is a very good service since smoke alarm maintenance is critical and often beyond owner’s ability.


Ben Jones - Charlestown
It is with great pleasure that I can offer my professional opinion of the services given by your Property Manager Eliza Dunn. I’ve been fortunate enough to be dealing with Eliza for a little over 12months now and I can offer nothing but praise for the hard work and dedication she has given to managing my property. Eliza demonstrates a level of professionalism, knowledge and experience well beyond her years which has resulted in the great level of confidence I have in the services being offered from Dalton Partners. Year 2013 was a challenging year for my property due to the unfortunate dealings with a more than difficult tenant. Passion for the desired outcome shown by Eliza was very reassuring to say the least. Every legal and contractual question I had was answered with accuracy, confidence and detailed knowledge. Communication from Eliza during this process was excellent and at no stage was I left worried or concerned that a resolution would not be achieved or I’d be left financially burdened by the situation. In my opinion Eliza displays the qualities every business owner wants to see in their staff and I strongly believe she is going to be a very successful business women in her future career.


Lyn and Dennis Skinner - Redhead
We are writing to thank both Lisa and Eliza for the professional manner in which they both assisted us over the past 10 years in the purchase, rental management and recent sale of our investment property at 4 Edward St Merewether. Dalton managed the property for us during our period of ownership and during this time none of the tenants ever left owing us money, due to Lisa and in particular Eliza's diligent management of the tenants. Both Lisa and Eliza were wonderful to deal with, always responding promptly to any concerns or queries we had and being so easy to communicate with and deal with. We were particularly thankful for the advice provided by Eliza in regards to her recommendation that we request one particular tenant to vacate the property. Eliza diligently followed up money owed to us by the tenants for some damage done to the property. Eliza escalated the issue to the Tribunal, obtained a successful outcome for us and then arranged to have all of the money owed to us collected in a short period of time. We were very grateful for the way in which we handled this matter for us. We did not hesitate in selecting Dalton to manage the recent sale of the property which was achieved in a short period of time due to the excellent marketing and follow up work undertaken by Lisa. We would not hesitate to recommend Dalton Partners, Lisa and Eliza in the future.